How does it work?How does it work?

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What is the goal of “Kultur in Begleitung”?

The goal is to build a platform that enables and helps people to experience the cultural offerings of the region together with others.

Who is the target audience of “Kultur in Begleitung”?

It is aimed at all culture enthusiasts who want to meet new people and attend events together.

Is the platform free of charge?


Do I need to be a registered user on the platform to take advantage of the offer?

Yes and no. As an unregistered user, you can see all events and related information, but you will not receive information about other users who are participating. To register for events or arrange meetings with other users, you need to be a registered user.

Can I buy tickets for events through this platform?

No. The respective events provide all information about ticket purchase and are linked to the respective ticket shops of the organizers.

Can I arrange to meet with just one person or also with multiple people for a selected event?

Whether in pairs or as a group, you can arrange to meet with as many people as you like.

How does communication with other users work?

Once you have registered on the platform and signed up for an event, you can send or receive invitations to meet other participants of the event. After that, you can exchange short messages within the platform without having to reveal personal data.

Who can see my personal data on the platform?

Unregistered users do not see any information about other users. Registered users can see your name, profile photo, and age group (not the exact age) if they have signed up for the same event. Fundamentally, “Kultur in Begleitung” does not share any further personal information of users with others. Sharing personal data with other users is solely up to you and can be done within the platform’s secure short messaging system.

Are personal data shared with service providers or other third parties?



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